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My Story by Kathy Gold

Tom Cruise Knows and He Doesn't Care

As the most ethical Scientologist on the planet, we're suppose to look up to him, he got an award for it.

So I sent him a letter via his attorney, and I got blown off by Tom Cruise the most ethical Scientologist on the planet.

Letter To Tom Cruise's Attorney

He could have just acknowledged my communication as a scientologist, it's part of the comm formula.

Even Tom Cruise, doesn't apply Scientology, my religion

But he does use Sea Org personnel for his household staff, he paid David Miscavige to use them for his personal use. That would violate it being a religious order. It's like the pope subcontracting out his cardinals to wash Katie Holme's car or the Dali Lama using buddhist monks to wash her car.

In return, David Miscavige gave Tom Cruise gifts or perks, it was his way of saying Thank you for hiring my employees that I pay $50.00 a week.

It never occurred to Tom Cruise or David Miscavige this is wrong. He asked to hire Sea Org Personnel to work for him and David Miscavige said yes. Tom Cruise paid for it, an exchange.

Tom Cruise's viewpoint, I paid him money, who cares, it's on my dime lol I can do whatever I want.

David Miscavige's viewpoint, I already checked with my attorney, it's all ok, per the law lol.

But is it really? It's a church, a non profit organization, how does using sea org personnel, a religious order, like priests do work for Tom Cruise benefit this church or religion? They are so busy, helping Tom Cruise, they forgot about their real purpose, why they joined in the first place. To clear the planet, help mankind, make this world a better place.

It's more important for these people to work for Tom Cruise then to disseminate their religion, Scientology. You can see how happy they are doing work for Tom's materialistic things. They really love it lol.

I can only imagine what other celebrities they do work for on and off church premises.

For Tom's gift, an office built for him

Tom's other gifts

Paint job for his bikes

He wanted this color

So they gave it to him, he wasn't happy with the first paint job

For the SUV for Tom, Cherry wood, a tree from Int Base, custom work, can you imagine how much Tom saved on this custom job lol

And the Silver Screen Bus, a replica similiar to what LRH had, here's the logo

If they are gonna do this, provide this service, then they should provide this service to all of the parishoners, all Scientologist's otherwise it's discrimination and favortism. Add this service to the list of other services, including handling parishoner's households too.

Then everybody that goes into the Sea Org can go work for $50.00 a week, free room and board to be outsourced to other parishoners, not just celeb scientologist's, but everybody that can afford their rates. It will look great on their resume, think of it as an internship lol. And then if you don't want them to spill the beans, have them all sign confidentiality agreements and if they break those contracts, have David Miscavige take them to court on your behalf, after all, you are the parishoner, you paid for it. Just make sure you get it in writing, cover your ass with these people lol.The more specifcs, the better, remember a contract is a contract. Contracts were not made to be broken. The Way To Happiness, Honor Your Agreements.

It's all good, it's not like these people are delivering scientology services anymore anyway lol They only care about donations, buildings, mest. They don't care about people and only value money. Do it yourself, get to target 3, fuck these morons ok.

OT 3 and Tom Cruise

He was my cousin on my father's side, my uncle's son. I had a feeling my cousin sold me out as well as the boys at the implant station.

For my killer a marcab bounty hunter, I was easier to get to then them for his revenge. I was a woman, the weaker sex and he knew, there was no chance in hell, he could take out them.

The marcab bounty hunter started gathering the recon on me to wrong target me for his shitty life. It would not have been hard, my cousin's out 2d and his drug binges. Out ethics.
Easy to get close to, to pay off the people around him. We were distant now and but at one point we were close. Like sister and brother too.

When shit crashed, the marcab bounty hunter moved in, on him, the big bounty, alot of marcab guys would have wanted to bag this one.
Huge bounty, huge reward and a for sure thing. The free PR alone would have sustained the bounty hunter and his family for a very very long time.
If there was one to bag to make your bones in that industry, this was the one lol. Alot of people hated this guy because of his betrayals. Easy to get to for bounty.

Remember marcab shit so, he also had financial irregs, bounty was coming for him for his debts. They made a deal, recon on me, family members, the fleet etc in exchange for his freedom and the heads up about the other bounty hunters coming his way. They exchanged information. Alot of information. Tons.
No money changed hands, easier to trace.

My cousin sold his family, the fleet and mankind out for his debts to a marcab bounty hunter. To save himself, he threw everybody that loved him under a bus.

This is the withhold David Miscavige and Marty Rathbun missed on Tom Cruise.

The universe did not have to end.

Btw, is Tom Cruise getting case gain dramatizing his case?

FYI, The Images of Tom's perks from the Church of Scientology have been on the internet since 2009, nothing new lol people like Perez Hilton and Arianna Huffington, Rupert Murchdoch, Sumner Redstone, Brad Grey and Harvey Weinstein, all know lol as well as the Secret Service, NSA, CIA, FBI, The Mossad, Julian Assange, Anonymous. They all know and don't think this is wrong ok lol. They all have their own reasons for not speaking out about this issue, free speech 1st amendment. Use it or lose it. I don't give a rats ass about Mission Impossible the fuckin last one ok and it bombed, maybe if they spoke up, did the right fuckin thing, they could have caught the PR wave and brought it home to the box office but instead they zipped it, played it safe. With great risk, there is great reward, no risk utter failure, case and point the movie not top box. And neither is the rentals.

Yeah, for their betrayal of me, one woman, they all threw me under a bus for a movie lol money lol their souls too will get fused and en-tombed to this rock for the next 1 billion years. Jew or not lol nobody is off limits lol.They all sold their soul to Hollywood. They are idol worshippers lol They'll never see it coming lol OT 3 was the past, this is the beginning. New people to play with, new games never played before lol. Rupert only cared about Nicole and Sumner and Brad Grey only cared about Tom. Get it. To them, I was nothing because I'm not a somebody, famous etc etc.

What they failed to see, and realize will fuck them in the end lol I'm the camouflaged hole lol Thank God, I will never ever see these people again, ever. They all use the same PI's lol Like Anthony Pelicano lol

So don't feel bad when reading online, these people hack too, like OSA, break laws, watch people die all the time and it's all justified for money. No man, with high ethical and moral standards would do this, they are not best of best elite, they're just rich, they sold their soul for money lol They will pay a price for that. Long term, 1 billion years. Ethics

In present time, I don't know them, I've never met them and I'm not gonna lol You can be like them and die on a rock too or apply your ethics book and get to target 3.

Only the strong survive, of character, apply tech, cross the wall of fire. Or be like them and die on a rock.

The choice is yours, it's always been yours.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

BTW Tommy, whisper campaigns don't work on me LMAO and for your actions in present time and of course, down the wholetrack, OT3 you are going into this rock for 1 billion years LMAO too fuckin funny LMAO.

He chose to do the wrong thing, not the right, a simple acknowledgement from one Scientologist to another. Do you think your career will be over, after I'm dead? Boycott perhaps? This was never about your career, this was about the 7th dynamic, Scientologists, not money.

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