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Naming Names

My family members from past lives in present time lol not related in present time, but good people lol we're all on the same page on the issues lol valence shifts, it's like this experience analogy but better, and how it felt to experience that?

They won't mind, it will give them confirmation so they can cross the wall of fire safely and get to target 3, I love them lol don't want them to die on a rock ok lol they didn't do anything wrong to cause OT3, why should they pay for other people's out ethics? They won't 2D=4D or Mankind

The two things left out of the equation 1)GE - Genetic Entity 2)Past Lives when treating mental health. Genetic Entity, the life force of the body 2)your past lives, you have a soul.

Scientology is for your soul, Psychiatry is ethics and Psychology is feelings, they all three work in a combination.

Mommy and Daddy issues, might be past lives mommy and daddy issues. My story for example. I knew in my soul my mother didn't love me, I was hoping she was my mother from another life, I wanted her to change and be those women. It wasn't until I found out the truth, that I decided to let go of her and move on.

My mother in present time, I have no past lives with, never did. Just this life and I will never ever again. Her soul will get fused to this rock after she dies for her crimes against me, my father and humanity. She's a psych case, she takes no responsibility or accountability for her actions. Her solution to her problems is to kill people off, stab them in the back. That is not a sane solution. Not pro survival. What she did to me, I would never do to my own child. She is extremely happy, that I won't be having children this life. That I will be alone and die alone. She assumes this causes me pain. Her pain will start after death lol.Eternal Damnation for 1 billion years.

After this planet, there won't be any Psychiatry or Scientology ever again.

Implant stations will be going back lol c/o my dad in present time and others lol.

An implant station, a jail in outer space - example

Wholetrack psychs, are implanters lol the real history of Psychiatry, pre earth lol Does this look familiar?

Nobody will be off limits, not even politicians lol they will have to take responsibility and accountability for their actions lol committed crimes, like embezzlement of tax dollars to fund your vacay or mistress? Naughty, naughty lol Pick up time lol Out there, nobody will hear you scream lol Treatment for out ethical behavior lol Stealing tax payer dollars, lying about it, covering your ass etc etc is not normal behavior lol Pick up for treatment of your unethical behavior will look kinda like this You just won't remember lol

Implanters, Highest ethical and moral standards, best of best elite.

Not all implants are bad, I will get into how we handled pedafiles, the biggest one to crack ok lol.

All my life I've been discriminated against based on religion, the jewish thing ok lol Those people, they're fucked lol They see last name, and here is their equation gold=money=jew or gold=jew=money lol it's not normal behavior, not normal thinking. it's not the correct computation or equation. The correct computation should be, Hello, nice to meet you. I will post a section on that, My step father, a nazi in present time. My mother's husband.

Went to work for a jewelry brand company, a big brand, I posted a section on that journey, discrimination and why it's not ok and still happening in this day and age. 1928 Jewelry Company

So I'll start off, Jett's dad, is XENU

Updated July 18, 2013

OT 3, naming names.

Jett's Dad, Sumner Redstone, his mom Karen De La Carriere and his little sister Britney Spears.

Karen was his 3rd wife. His first wife he had Shari and another kid. His 2nd wife, me and my brother Ben Affleck. He didn't break the 2 kid rule, he had 2 kids with each wife LMAO

Farrakhan and his wife in present time was his wife OT3, Michelle Obama and Rihanna were his two daughters.

Rahm was my half brother, from my father's 1st marriage. Hillary Clinton was my aunt, my father's sister and her husband was Bill Clinton. Their two kids, Chelsea and Quentin Tarantino.

My grandfather, my father's father, George Soros, his 2nd wife Oprah. His first wife Martha Stewart and her daugther Halle Berry from her 2nd marriage. Barack Obama, George's son by Oprah. One of many kids.

Tom's 2d side, I don't give a fuck, Tom, you can sit and spin for all eternity for your betrayal of me. I know but I'm not saying one damn thing, figure it the fuck out LMAO.

Kirstie Alley was my step mother, my father's 3rd wife. Her 1st husband was Parker Stevenson and those kids that she adopted, her 2 kids, were his kids OT3, that died in a plane crash along with him. She converted to Judaism for my father.

And Kirstie's father was Rudy Giuliani and her mother was Shirley Maclaine.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston were married OT3. John and Kirstie, brother and sister. My uncle by marriage.

Harvey Weinstein and my mother by DNA, were brother and sister, both Jewish by dna, no conversion.

That's pretty much it. As you can see, it's not all of Hollywood.

Updated July 28, 2013

Jada was also Oprah's kid ok. She was married to Will OT3, Will was fleet. Jada too was on the music circuit. I co-wrote songs with her, to help her career and she was a cousin. I read her PR too throughout the years. Btw Jada, Miscavige's comm, computation, cause he was profiling me to do a 2d with him, this was when Tom and Katie were still married, it was, what do you want to do? Do you want to handle Jada? He assumed I'd be a good terminal for you cause I'm short and I have a big mouth like you.

She also toured with Brit Brit in present time. She did that too, OT3. Sorry to tell you, your kid is not Tucpac, he spilt to target 3. He'll probably be my bro next life by DNA. And I know all about how 1st wife jacked your TA. Again, I read. I'm no idiot, I can figure it out, plus you were really really pissed off at the set of your TV show, nurse/doctor drama rama. You're off key on that song, where is your groove, your rhythm you don't really want to burn. Stop holding yourself back, let go, put it in the music, express your real true feelings. You're too conservative. Let it rip or go back to acting.

Michelle Obama and Barack Obama were married OT3. She was my bf, female best friend, who married into my family. I was looking for her all my life. Now that I found her, I don't have to look anymore. I'm done. Michelle I love you but I'm white this life ok, so I know, you would never have a white bf ok. LMAO.

I'll see you on target 3, you're fleet too. You'll get my father's comm, you are spiritually up the conditions unless you put your kids on psych drugs, then you're gonna have to answer to one person, God. I'm not God ok.


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