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Michelle Shelly Miscavige

Michelle Shelly Miscavige hasn't been seen or heard from in years. The last known data known about her is that her husband, David Miscavige, shipped her off to the RPF to a remote location called CST. Per Marty, Shelly and another celebrity woman were at flag. That celebrity asked David Miscavige if he was cheating on his wife, Shelly. He made that celebrity go get sec checks. Ok that's an ethics gradient David Miscavige, that celebrity missed your withhold. You went out 2d on your wife.

When Shelly brought it up to him, he had her routed off the premises under the guise of ethics handling. He's hoping she'll die. She doesn't want to divorce him and per Marc Headley*, the divorce papers have already been drawn up and signed by David Miscavige. They both have no children or own property. It's a six month thing. If she divorces him, then she can testify in a court of law against him. David Miscavige is afraid, she will serv fac, meaning make him wrong for him fucking Jenny and flip on him and his church.

*I got that info from this message board but it's no longer there so I'm gonna take a crack at it lol they paid Marc and Claire to remove shit lol to handle their liens, no trace back to him get it lol It's just heresay now lol And of course Marc & Claire aren't gonna say anything, it's called a confidentiality agreement lol get it lol. He had more than one reason to take Debbie Cook to court lol Or more than one why. lol.

So for him, it's just easier to kill her off. Cut comm, spin her case in and blow her off. like John Edwards did to his wife Elizabeth Edwards. If she dies of cancer, it's an acceptable truth everybody will accept and legal.

I'm assuming cause I don't have all the data, David Miscavige is gonna marry Jenny Linson btw Art Linson is her father, Tom Devocht's ex wife. Shelly won't sign the papers, she won't divorce. He wants out of the marriage. But on his terms, not hers and he's not gonna admit to fucking Jenny Linson. He's not gonna give Michelle Shelly any relief, you know admit to it.

He's done. She's not, she's still trying to save her marriage. Remember, he is her first love, the first man she has slept with and his first wife. That counts for something, doesn't it?

If he marrys Jenny after the divorce, Shelly will flip on the stand. There is nothing to keep Shelly there. All he can do is blackmail her on her overts in present time and down the wholetrack. Ethics handling, he wants her to spill it, get it lol Use her overts ie transgressions against her, to squash her into silence or submission.

That's suppressive ok. As Scientologists, that's not what we do. I don't know who this guy is fooling but he's not a Scientologist, based on his actions. He's an SP.

On a weird note, Jon Mackinder's 1st wife is also named Michelle, nick name Shelly, both these women have the same initials MM, what are the odds? Or Fluke? lol.

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Updated Monday, July 30, 2012

David Miscavige owns an apartment in Hollywood, his own personal private apartment, paid for by the Church of Scientology. A perk, being COB. I'm sure that's where Jenny and him have their affair, or out 2d or in other words, cheating. I'm sure Shelly knew when Miscavige would leave the base and when Jenny left the base and put 2 & 2 together. Not that hard. Shelly is also well aware of the private apartment he purchased in Hollywood, after all, she is his wife. I wonder how long this affair has been going on, how many years. And I'm sure Katie Holmes figured it out too. Not that hard to do, wife not around but instead, it's Jenny and David, double date.

Updated Thursday September 6, 2012 Confirmation offline print version, Shelly and David, dinner with the Cruises. Fill in the gaps from there. no wife. Not that hard to figure out LMAO it's middle class heaven, same shit different day.

Updated July 12, 2013

I believe Leah Remini is the celebrity that got sec checked for giving David Miscavige an ethics gradient, applying her ethics book, our bible.

Updated August 8, 2013

Kudos to Leah Remini for doing the right thing.

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