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My Story by Kathy Gold

Jesse Prince

I don't know Jesse, I only sent him an email and he never responded. He blew me off. Out comm formula lol.

But Jesse, if LRH didn't think you were a man, he sure as shit wouldn't have given you a gun as a gift. Some where along the line, you stopped being a man. When you took that gun up at int, and threatened to kill others with it, that's not what a man does, not a sane ethical man.

Pictures from RTC building in Riverside California

The building with Scientology Symbols is bullet proof glass

So while you went to Germany all those years, in 2008 the nazi party came into power here in the US, Washington ok and at the same time, the KKK came out in Hungary. There are black hungarians.

As we all know, the nazi party and the KKK go hand in hand, racist haters. If your soul doesn't get fused to this rock when you die, next life, you'll be coming back to not only a dying planet but both of these parties in power, at some point they will probably merge and of course funded by big farma, big farma can contribute to anybody via lobbyists. One word, GMO.

This is the price you will pay next life. Remember, the meek shall inherit the earth.

For years, Scientologists were discriminated against in Germany and still are. See a pattern of behavior?

Can you see it coming a mile away in slow motion? lol

Get to target 3, cross the wall of fire and let all the psych cases get infused and en-tombed into this rock for the next 1 billion years and it includes all the pedafiles too lol. Me and Jett's fav lol

The Nazi's are making a statement, we're in middle class heaven, yall lol We lost, oh well huh lol we've got the sympathy card from big farma, GMO, we don't care about mankind, we're nazi's, our freedom of speech and all. Remember, we saw this movie too.

This guy wants a law and insurance No more health safety in germany, you can't practice your religious beliefs. Hmmmmm, once again court. And now, the children. People will have to do it, in their own homes, unknown to the German courts and government. Same shit different day with Germany, nothing changes with the nazi's lol. Next it will be the Muslims too.
Good thing there is no Nazi Federation and never will be lol

updated 7/24/2012

Discrimination in Germany still going strong, they are never gonna stop. This is who these people are. Good thing, they will never have access to the tech, the upper OT levels as well as both sides of the bridge. Scientology in present time is only for people with high ethical and moral standards, not nazis. They are all fucked, for 1 billion years and they know it LMAO.

Little story about my past, I was in Germany, the west, my aunt, my father's sister. After leaving Ohio, we went to Germany, the German Government, wouldn't allow us to stay, we had 2 choices, back to Hungary or the US. We came back here, California. My aunt, a German citizen, left their offices, crying, wouldn't tell my father why. It was because my mother was a Jew. Still fuckin nazis, you're all gonna burn for 1 billion years for your hatred of mankind. And I feel great knowing that. You'll never have this tech, you piece of shit nazi mother fuckers. Deal with it. The Real Countess Krak LMAO.

Thu, Oct 7, 2010 at 8:18 AM

Dear Jesse,

I found you on facebook. I've been reading online and I saw your vids.

I was wondering if you could answer some questions I have. LRH sec checked David Miscavige, correct? What were the questions?
Are they posted online? If so, could you point me to that link?

I don't know you, but you are a funny guy, I saw your vid for germany, you cracked me up dude lol.

I get that you didn't really like LRH, was he a jerk to you? I'm just wondering how he treated you personally.
Your story.

Have you thought about writing a book about your knowledge and your experience within scientology, the good, the bad and the ugly lol?

Let me know.

Thank You,
Kathy Gold

Updated December 15, 2013

Antisemitism is alive and well in Romania.


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