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My Story by Kathy Gold

Court and Justice

So, the statue of limitations ran out for what occurred to me in 1998, I was the victim of a real crime and I had to figure it all out.

Nobody helped me, what I got instead was lied to, spinned around and left in confusion and pain and all I did was ask my church for help.

My mother and her husband non scientologists didn't care that I almost died, Jon Mackinder a scientologist, married someone else, less than a year later and I was left wondering what did I do that was so bad that I pulled this in.

The statue of limitations for what happened in 2009 runs out at the end of August 2012. So far no attorney will take my case on pro bono, meaning no money, no funding. I found one who would take it but he told me to go to the ACLU for funding. The ACLU turned it down cause they are only taking class action lawsuits. I guess there is no return on investment for them or anybody else. I guess one woman can't make change anymore.

I was going for the holy scriptures, legally in a court of law, my 1st amendment rights were violated in 2009, how can I practice my religion when I don't have access to it, I can't, need both sides of the bridge lol.

So that didn't pan out, so my last option, civil, for the tune of 1 billion dollars. I have to put a non profit org there, to help others this has happened to, all along the way The Church of Scientology could have practiced my religion but instead didn't. When I showed up at CC Int's doorsteps in 1998, all they could have done was give me a red on white to read, told me to my face, what you are experiencing is a restimulation, of a past life in present time but instead, took me back to my home and put me into an induced meltdown where I was video taped naked dying over and over again.

A type 3 is just where you have died in past lives, coming at you all at once. Now, I can do it all myself, file a lawsuit myself using the pauper affidavit to waive court costs. But why should I, why should I go down that road. remember they will file a countersuit against me, followed by liens, judgements for their attorneys fees. And of course ops running by OSA, background checks, credit checks, private investigators following you, any transgressions in present time will be made known, smear campagins to enturbulate, jack my ta, introvert me, get me to look inward, key my case in on justice, serv fac city. They already tried to kill me off twice, is third time the charm? I'm not interested in being a martyr for Scientology or anybody, so they can use my death as a banner for their weird war, like they used Lisa Mcpherson.

But how will I really get justice? Real justice? I don't think I can. I don't think it exists here on planet earth.

So as I doubt I'll ever make it to court, my case, my story is here for all to view. There are alot of cases that never see the light of day, court. I'm one of many.

If you are going to take them to court, I suggest you get your recon, get all the data, know who you are going up against. And mob it out, get mob attorneys who will fight back and are willing to build your case as part of your legal journey not having it figured out in their head whether or not they will win. That's what going to court used to be about, now it's about attorneys figuring it out, without all the information and duplication and deciding on money, does this make economical sense.

I contacted Milbanks 1st week of May, 2012, they turned me down for pro bono, I spoke to the woman for over an hour on the phone, she called back the next day and said they decided not to take the case and referred me to They were insensitive and robotic, they never took my feelings into their equation, I almost died.

They all know ok, and act like they don't. When I first called, the guy I spoke to said, Oh, is this about a contract lol after I told him I wanted to sue the Church of Scientology. Give me a fuckin break.

See Debbie Cooks case and Anderson Cooper Alot of people know and act stupid, or lie. lol. Dumbasses lol No cause over your exteriorization, you just sealed your fate lol implants lol by not doing the right thing. Good news for me lol Bad news for you. lol

They have transgressions in present time. They are not willing to have their dirty laundry aired ok, we are in california, a community state property, oh no, wife or husband will take half of their assets, oh no, no prenup lol clients were over charged, billings, the firm lol Tom Cruise, class action lawsuit against Milbanks for out exchange with their clients lol

So you will need mob attorneys, guys that are not afraid of anybody and will fight back, you follow us, we follow you, you tape us, we tape you, you leak it, we leak it.

You fight on an even playing field. The lawyers are not willing to take a journey unless they know ahead of time they will win. Sure things might change, they always do lol It's a journey, find attorneys that are willing to take that journey with you. Remember there will be credit reports pulled, background checks, trash digging, private eyes and of course if it gets nasty, ops running, the attorneys will have to run ops back, reverse ops running lol it's all legal, and make sure your attorney doesn't give a fuck about his or her reputation. It's the fight they love, their passion. Not pushing paper.

And as for payment, they have 1 billion in liquid assets and real estate, more than enough to pay and continue on with their game. If they don't pay, you can attach liens on their properties and foreclose. But you have to win the case, if you lose, they will place judgements and liens on you, your assets, your real estate and foreclose on you. It's an even playing field, with great risk, there is great reward, with no risk, utter failure. Are you willing to take a risk?

Marc Headley's case dismissed by the judge, in other words he lost

Marc Headley's Lien

And how is Marc paying for it, I'll take a wild guess

Btw David Miscavige's computation when I got on the corporate lawyer comm lines aka Milbanks was I've gotta marry Kathy Gold if I want to survive lol Get it lol I just got the comm now, this is late on the chain lol The computation started when Marty and Mike came out and went after Tom Cruise and his PR lol. Buyah Miscavige, you'll never ever have me, ever, marry Jenny lol.

And when I tweeted our Commander in Chief and his wife the First Lady about this website lol The computation was, you just killed my PR lol. And I have to say, it felt so good, doing the right thing, cause Miscavige, it's all about me, not you. lol.After all the bullshit I've been thru, I still have a sense of humor but not the Chairman of the Board aka COB David Miscavige. He's solid as a rock lol or Rockslammer, hard time planet earth lol

Look at this lol

I wonder whose next to go? Is it Milbanks or the ACLU? Are they in financial hot water too, no resources to take on a for sure thing like my case? Oh well. They can't say, they didn't know lol.

And Jenny's computation was, just buy her a house and let's move on lol. Ok, these people, only care about mest or materialistic things. They love objects and money more than people.They don't value human life. They don't care about the human condition, just their condition. It's all about them.

Jenny's 2nd computation, if he did it to her meaning Michelle Shelly Miscavige, he'll do it to me. And guess what Jenny, you are right. He will do it to you. He'll throw you under a bus the first chance he gets, so get that ring lol cause after you, it will be someone else, just like LRH, then he can say, I never had a 2nd wife lol You were just a fuck, get it lol

Will Alex Wisner be third? lol She's qualified and young to go into the sea org and uplines to int management. lol The youngest girl to make it to OT7 lol. Not my kid in present time, can you say pervert, ewwww ok. I moved on a long time ago, girls lol. Have at it, he's all yours lol. Remember Alex wants babies, the no kid rule in the Sea Org lol. Will he change it, to make her happy and everybody else wrong? Who knows, who cares. We're outta here, target 3.

Btw, all the legal eagles, see him as this lol Jettero Heller, attorney at law lol. He's playing alot of women all over the place, has been for years, you just don't know about it lol. But keep dreaming away, eventually, I'm sure he'll do what Tom Cruise did with Katie Holmes, Cinderella, just for you lol. or not. Your journey to find out, to walk. Not mine. I already found my soulmate.

Updated Sunday, July 22, 2012

The lawyer that advised me to go to the ACLU, I paid him for his advice, a paid consultation, I believe it was $360.00. If he was wrong, oh well, out exchange, criminal. Not my problem. He told me later, when I called him about 1928 Jewelry company, he too said no evidence, it would be a he said, she said. He also said he wasn't really a civil rights attorney. I was like ok. LMAO and he too knows about this website. His wife is on psych drugs.

Moral of the story kids, fuck court, there is no justice here, unless of course you have nothing better to do. These people will take your money and fuck you, cause they can. Get to target 3 and let the lawyers burn for 1 billion years. Now that is poetic justice lol Not everybody wants to go to court for every fuckin little thing, sometimes just by taking a journey, to do the right thing, will set you free. Freedom smells really great in the morning lol

updated 7/24/2012

Marc Headley's appeal lost. Who's next to take them on, who will actually win and help mankind?

It won't be me. My statue of limitations will run out in the end of August 2012. I didn't fail, everybody else did. My 1st attorney didn't fail either. He was no fool, he did the right thing.

So, I won't be going to court to make change, thank all the other Scientologists and former Scientologists, Anons etc etc and of course Tobin and Childs for not helping me, not flowing me any power, for not doing the right thing. At the end of the day, it's their soul that is fucked, not mine.

Nobody wants to fight for the Holy Scriptures, the tech on both sides of the bridge, then they will disappear. Again, it's implanter technology, not for public consumption. Marc and Claire were going for personal gain and to make change. I was just going for personal case gain, no money and change. Intention is cause. The attorneys were gonna get all the money, prestige and glory. Even the 1 billion dollar lawsuit. 50% to the attorneys and the other half to the non profit organization, I would have to put there, you know how much that would cost, and of course the holy scriptures, both sides of the bridge too. The experts, I would have had to hire would have needed them to understand how to do their jobs. Oh well. Maybe somebody else will come along, with a much more, hideous crime than mine? Or not. Only time will tell, keep your fingers crossed everybody, wait.

And as for my video tape, eventually it will come out, maybe I'll still be alive or not. It doesn't really matter, I crossed the wall of fire and have cause over my exteriorization. I won, they lost.

Updated September 6, 2012

Looks like I was wrong, Marc paid off his lien, he still has his freedom of speech.

Monday, October 29, 2012

How Marc Headley paid off his lien, of course with the help of Marty Rathbun, , Tory Christman etc, etc.

Funny how not one of these fuckin people helped me, imagine that? Things that make you go hmmmmm? Yeah, a bunch of losers, criminals, who have major crimes in present time. I have nothing on Marc and Claire who I am sure know about me, after all they were up at int, the question to ask is who didn't. LMAO Like I said, the Scientology community as a whole, offline and online is a piece of shit. Don't trust these people, they will fuck you, get it.

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