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Tobin and Childs

I sent them my story, Joe Childs responded, below is his only correspondance with me. He is aware of this website. The question is, will he tell my side of the story? If so, when? If not then say so, otherwise it's a spin. Get it lol. I could die waiting in doubt lol wondering, hmmm will he print it or not? He has no idea about my current financial situation. As of this moment, in time. I have about 1 more month left. Then on the street, I go. I have nobody to turn to for help. Not my government, not my church, not my family. Nobody. As somebody who has worked all their life and did the right thing. Boy am I getting screwed lol.

Do you see the irony? I do. If I die due to these circumstances, it's ok. I've crossed the wall of fire and have cause over my exteriorization. My soul is worth more than money.

Sometimes you can't wait for the press, the news. You have to keep going on in your journey. It will either make the press or not. It's a 50/50

And so what if it doesn't? My story is just one of many, not that big of a deal. All the people that hate my religion will use it to further their cause. And all the other people won't read it. So really, it defeats that purpose. I was just doing the right thing. Appying my ethics book.
Mon, Apr 2, 2012 at 6:52 AM
subject: Re: My story in full along with documents Part 1


I got all your emails. You don't need to send them to Tom Tobin. One set is fine for us.
They are huge, massive amounts of bytes. That's why the package was rejected by Tom's email system. But I got them all.

Okay, here's how Id like for you and us to go forward:
1. Give us some time -- some weeks -- to look at this.
2. If we are not interested, we won't keep you hanging. We'll be in touch.

That's it for now. We appreciate the contact.


These guys didn't give a fuck about Lisa Mcpherson either, they just forwarded her death and everybody got on that bandwagon. Both Scientologists and non, people were paid to protest against my church. Who does that? It's public record, court documents, paid protestors..

They assume once I'm dead, they can say anything, cause they are the press. Their actions show, they don't care about doing the right thing. Fine. At the end of the day, they are responsible for their own soul. God's not responsible for their soul and neither am I. They read my story, my side, they know and they don't care either. They got it wrong on Lisa, didn't do a real investigation and they know it lol. They don't want the world to know, they fucked up, they were wrong, get it lol No responsibility and accountability for their actions lol, psych cases lol We leave them here to die, on this rock, when they die, their soul will get fused and en-tombed to this rock. Not my problem and not God's problem. lol. Too fuckin funny.

Updated 7/13/2012 So, they still haven't printed this story. You know, these people go on and on about go to court, make change etc etc. Yet, here you have a perfect example of how I could make change, I think 1 billion reasons to make change in the Church of Scientology's universe, but instead of flowing me power, printing the story, promoting it or outflowing, so an attorney with balls would take the case, they opted to blow me off, I'm sure for more than one reason. That statue of limitations expires next month. Oh well Tobin and Childs, it's now official, you guys blew it. You just want to sell papers and not do the right thing.

To think $500 mil could have gone to those lawyers and the rest of the money, a non profit organization to help other people. I guess, you'll all have to wait until it happens again or not. Maybe, just maybe, there won't be another opportunity like this ever again. Sometimes, you get only 1 shot to get it right and they blew it. I mean how hard is it to run this story? I guess extremely lol. Losers, they'll be known as the two guys that fucked up for more than one reason. Their legacy, forever lol.

Updated September 23, 2012

So Tobin and Childs never ran my story, the statue of limitations has run out. I was hoping they would do the right thing, I was trying to find an attorney that would take on my case before the statue of limitations ran out. But instead for numerous reasons, they blew it off and refused to do the right thing. Asserting their rightness and power as freedom of the press. Fine. At the end of the day, they will have to answer to God and I am not God.

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