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My Story by Kathy Gold

The Song Candy was about Kirstie Alley

In the lyrics he talks about all those crazy nights in Spain, ok That wasn't me lol that was Kirstie Alley.
He got that off a press release Kirstie Alley did. An interview where she talked about her and James Wilder. They had a past life in Spain.

Jon Mackinder was stalking her, he was obsessed with her. He would say, You know who I saw today? I saw Kirstie Alley today at CC, with a big smile on his face, very happy to see her. I was like who cares lol. One day, he met her and he was like I met her today in the course room. He was giddy as a school boy ok. Again, I was like who cares.

I didn't get into this religion to meet celebrities.

Right before my induced meltdown, I was on course and I got invited up to the VIP course room for celebrities, and guess who needed a twin?

Kirstie Alley. My instincts, my guts said, don't do it lol I listened, I turned them down. And said no. I don't want to twin with her.

I have a feeling the QVC comm lines came from her. My mother told me, that her products were given to Elizabeth Taylor.

I was talking about celebrity endorsements with my mother and she said oh, Elizabeth Taylor already has my products. I asked her, when was that, she said years ago around the time I went on QVC.
I was like ok, I didn't question it.

His voice sounds like Jett's did, notice the similarities and this

Jon also wrote a song, but changed the lyrics. The original lyrics had the phrase, "churchs burning", he had the lyrics posted and then changed it. This was back in 2008. I would never write anything that had churchs burning in them, OSA already knows, they got the data.

I'm sure, Jon Mackinder will eventually blow, my best guess, Tennessee, child support laws are different, then California.

He's currently married to Bobbie Faison. His 2nd wife. He thinks it's ok to flirt or flow flows to other women while being married or in a relationship. He doesn't think it's wrong or hurtful. It's all justified for money, to sell his art.

For me, it's out 2d or cheating without cheating.

His first wife Michelle Shelly Mackinder had his twin boys, fertility treatments. He told me, when I asked him about his children, after they were born, he blew and didn't take responsiblity for them. I asked him, why and he told me, he was just using her to have a roof over his head. Had I married him, I would have, had to bare the cost of his children by her. I didn't have those kids but I would have to take financial responsibility.

Right before my induced meltdown, I spoke to her on the phone and got her side of the story, she told me, those kids were planned, a year and half, of her going to the doctor. He made it seem as though she put a gun to his head to have those children. She also told me, she loved him and was waiting for him to come back. She said she would wait five years if she had to, she said, it's not like he ever hit me or anything like that. I knew at that point not to bring up him hitting me 2 weeks prior. She wouldn't believe me, she only cared about herself. She hated my religion too. She went around bad mouthing my religion to his catholic family. He was their first born, big catholic family.

I applied my ethics book and did amends to her because I didn't know the full story. I submitted her website, for her nail business to search engines. She was fine with that and basically approved my non written liability formula. I applied lower conditions naturally, normally.

Each time she would call my home, my house, she would yell, scream. I was so busy spinning around on my own company, I trusted Jon Mackinder, I took his word. I believed his side, based on her actions of yelling at me and no respect when calling my home, my house.

Me and Jon talked about having three kids. We would have a total of 5, his two from his prior marriage and my three.

In present time that didn't happen but his kids in present time in 2008 restimulated my OT3 case, when I went on my soulmate journey, looking for Jett.

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