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My Story by Kathy Gold

Scientology Celebrities

Btw, all these Scientology celebrities like Lisa Marie Presley, Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Kirstie Alley etc, they all know, just like I heard about Tom from Elizabeth, they heard about me too, in the church.

It's a small community, church community, they talk and then zip it lol Get it lol.

Jon Mackinder did the websites for not only Lisa Marie Presley but for Aurthor Services Inc.

Battlefield Earth website and more. See Yamaha, that was me, Margo over at Suzuki, my comm lines I spoke to Margo after and she told me, he told her he didn't get the job finished because I went crazy Ok. Yeah

I did the outboard motor website for Margo who had the Suzuki Account. It was a huge evolution, I also worked on the motorcycle section. I got flown to Las Vegas for their annual meeting, it was the same weekend Princess Diana passed away. I remember I was watching it on the TV. It was very sad. I couldn't believe it, she passed away, she filled a void for me.

David Miscavige's management team including David Miscavige rewarded Jon Mackinder aka Jon Magnificent for what he did to me with not just a membership in good standing, comm lines, work etc and celebrity comm lines, but his bridge.

While I lost everything because I asked my church for help, he received personal gain from putting me into an induced meltdown where I was video taped naked, dying over and over again.

Wiseman and Burke, they were my clients too. That's where he got them from.

And Chick Corea lol In 2009 when I was at LADAY, the org or church where I attested to being a last life clear, his wife was giving a seminar. Nice lady. Her first service was life repair.

They will never step forward, reach out and do the right thing, apply their ethics book, etc etc

It's not in their best interest, they put their interests above helping another fellow scientologist.

To them, I'm not famous, a nobody, so I can't fuck up their PR, there's nothing in it for them.

I'm just an average joe, like everybody else.

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