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My Story by Kathy Gold

Nicole Kidman

I remember when Nicole was a Scientologist and then all of a sudden, she wasn't. I didn't really get it. I thought they were a cute couple. After my meltdown, I read the transcripts online from The Smoking Gun, the phone conversation between her and Tom.

She was like you used to buy me shit lol now you don't. Then I read the PR after their divorce, very dramatic on her part lol She was free and Tom dropped hints as to why it was over. His words, she knows, exactly what she did, but, she's the mother of my children. Ok, that hinted to her cheating on him.

I was like ok, she cheated on him and he was like I'm outta here lol. We're done. lol

I was being nice, made allowances for him because he was my cousin down the wholetrack, a family member.

But in the back of my mind, I knew it was the money, the 10 year rule in California, no prenup, he had 1 more month to go and then he would pay her more money in his divorce settlement. He assumed he could get away with it, a technicality lol

Then the next thing you know, her movies are coming out, she's doing great, get's an oscar, something he really wanted lol.

I was like ok.

So, in 2009 after I was thrown in jail for wanting to go into AO, I decided to investigate this once and for all. So I bought Morton's book. And got the scoop. Tom hired a security company, bugged her phones, had her followed, used Anthony Pelicano, private detective etc. He introverted her on their relationship, he said to her, you'll never work again. Something that OSA does to their people lol I don't think David Miscavige liked Nicole very much, she's Australian lol their case is different lol some would say criminals, others would say pirates lol

This is what he did, to the woman he loved and married and had kids with.

Their household staff, scientologists

When I worked at Healthmed, owned by Michael Wisner, Alex Wisner's father, Elizabeth the Treasury Sec, she worked for Tom and Nicole, ran their household, she was a scientologist. She told me, Nicole had miscarriages, meaning more than one. I don't think Elizabeth signed one, otherwise they would have sued her

Those kids that are adopted. I believe his first kid, Isabella is from a scientologist, her mother, probably a former sea org member. Again, easy access, David Miscavige and Shelly Miscavige were like, hmmm, you guys want a kid, we get it lol this woman here is giving her child up for adoption, you can adopt it. It was all legal, they used attorneys.

So was it ok for a church to do this, you know a conflict of interest? Is this the norm? Do they do this for other members of their church?

Anyway, I read her press releases, she still didn't know why, to this day, he never told her why. That's called a spin, so later Tom can come back and revenge fuck her, emotional manipulation.

As Scientologists, we're not suppose to do that, we're suppose to be honest, direct, overt about our feelings as well as our communication. Even if it's in saying goodbye. That's called, end of cycle. Ending your relationship and moving on. Her expressing her feelings about their past marriage tells me, he never told her why, all the whys or all the reasons. It's hurtful to Nicole and Katie, both women. Or out ethics, unethical behavior, it's not pro survival to not only his marriage with Katie Holmes but his children with Nicole Kidman and of course his child with Katie Holmes, Suri.

OT 3 and Nicole Kidman

They were both married to each other, she is his wholetrack 2d or soulmate. He spotted her and she him. Alot of people had stuck attention on their 2d. Katie is an incomplete cycle of action for him, from that time period lol Remember he left her at the alter, knocked her up and she killed herself. Suri, their child, that's the implant, the incomplete cycle of action. Katie spotted him from his movie Top Gun and knew, she was gonna marry him. He was never looking at her way until David Miscavige did the auditions for Tom's new Mission Impossible Movie lol. There are quals to go up a bridge, OT quals and Tom Cruise wanted to make sure the next woman he married, he would have no problems with going up a bridge, she would not be out qualed. So Tom paid The Church of Scientology to hold auditions for his movie. Again, why is a church doing the functions of what Tom's production company should do?

It's in Marc Headley's book, Blown for Good, his wife Claire was one of the people that had to screen her audition tapes. How very un romantic of Tom huh lol.

After they met, chemistry, shabang lol sparks flew. Past lives, OT3 before the universe ended after him and Nicole. He never married Katie first, got her pregnant and then got married lol Call it an earlier, similiar to what they did except she never married him in a galaxy far far away lol He was on the run, from Marcab guys lol she waited for him on some backwoods swamp planet lol. She was not an actress. She got pregnant to keep him. He loved her so much, that he broke his word of marriage, his survival, his life was more important than getting married to her. He blew her off, no comm, no communication. He just disappeared get it lol She went down the tone scale and killed herself as well as her unborn child. She didn't understand, why, why did he leave me. She was dressed and ready to go, white wedding and all, just her and him, a very private ceremony, hush hush. Btw, who negotiates for a child per their attorney? Their marriage contract. That's weird ok. Not normal.

The universe did not have to end.

Updated July 7, 2012

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