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My Story by Kathy Gold

My Father In Present Time Lazlo Sutta

He died in 1980/1981 in a Psych hospital in Hungary, I found out in 2007. He was the commodore from OT 3, the fleet. The big secret is out lol Life here is just an illusion. He was a good man and I'll see him again, on target 3. I'll be delivering his comm. You'll have to figure out your own way to target 3. I'm not God, I'm just the commodore's daughter lol. See you, when I see you.

To everybody else, I'm crazy and will have a logical explanation lol who cares lol I have cause over my exteriorization and they don't. My gift and I earned it. That is the reward for having high ethical and moral standards lol. The real secret. You can't buy your way there. You have to earn it.

Remember, 100% Responsibility, Full Cause. I left clues, hints, tips to figure it out. You know my name lol

The last comm I ever got from him and it wasn't in his hand writing.

My father wanted to leave and go back to Hungary. My mother told him, to go ahead without us and we would follow with our mest, clothes etc. I never got a chance to say goodbye. She had me go stay at a friends house while she took him to the airport. She told me, he was asking about me. She didn't want to cause a scene at the airport, have him change his mind, she wanted to make sure she got a product, him gone. He arrived in Hungary with no where to go, no clothes, no suitcase etc.

He showed up at my grandmother's doorstep, my mother's mother, she's not Jewish, her father was. He survived the concentration camps only to die at the hands of the communists. She called the police and said he was crazy, he showed up at her doorstep, with no where to go and needed help. I don't really know why, because he came from a big Catholic family. He was the youngest out of six kids. They took him away. My father was betrayed by my mother. She lied to him. I don't know how he died, just that he died. My mother's side of the family didn't like him because he was not Jewish. He was a soccer player in hungary and they wanted him to be a janitor here in the states.

My father and mother immigrated to this country on my father's name, his family comm lines. My grandfather was a US Citizen. We arrived in Milwaukee. Betrayed by his famlily, we arrived in summer clothes in winter.

She's been lying to me my whole life. She said she got a divorce, and had to handle all this drama rama with the embassy to get it done. How could that be, he was already dead, he died. All my life, lies from her. She is not worthy of trust. She used my father to come here, for citizenship. The only person that loved me, this life was my father.

She had a meltdown and ended up in the hospital when I was 8 years old, she layed there on the hospital bed in the hallway, her eyes rolled all the way in the back of her head, you could only see the whites. She was pumped full of morphine, I told my dad, there was something wrong with mom, I grabbed him and told him, he listened to me, he went over to her, saw it, got mad, pissed as hell, picked her off the bed and carried her out and into another hospital. He saved her life.

In return, she killed him, sent him to his death and has been trying to kill me off. She's an SP and 1.1 but has no power over me. I just trusted her beause she was my mother. Nobody suspects their own mother would betray them like this. I don't know the real story of what happened to my dad other than what is above. I got this info in 2007 from Magda Gabor, my great Aunt, my grandfather's sister, she survived the concentration camp.

The only thing my father has known this life is betrayal, like me. I'm my father's daughter.

My father also saved my life, when I was little. I was talking to him, my back turned against the on coming traffic, I can't remember for sure because my comm has been cut. My notes regarding this matter etc are all on this facebook page . So if I ever get access to it again lol then I can clarify it. But for now, I was talking to him and if it wasn't for him. I would have died. I went to cross the street and he grabbed me. In that instant, in that moment in time, in that split second, he saved my life. If he didn't act, I would have been killed by the on coming car that I didn't see. I was young, like 11, 12 during this time I was playing tennis and my dad was my tennis coach.

He also stopped one day, when we were driving in his car, he pulled over and stopped his car, got out and helped a blind man walk across the street. Nobody that is crazy does that. Ok. He saw that man needed help, so he helped him.

I knew my dad was dead, I never went back to hungary even though my mother and stepfather did weeks before my induced meldtown, that summer of 1998.

She went back to where she lived as a little girl. She told me all records were destroyed by the communists. After he was gone, I had nightmares. That he felt betrayed and he was gonna come back and kill us. I didn't know why, I didn't know what that meant. Now I know, he was dying in a psych hospital.

Just like when I was 8 years old in Ohio, I had weird dreams of dwarfs lol That was Jett, enturbulated about MSH and her bullshit with the IRS. They were mental image pictures coming at me and I didn't know why. The Snow White Project.

Then when he went to see her in jail, I got confirmation of his reaction to her, no emotion. He was done. He was pissed, but he was done. She broke his heart. He was a cop, they ran ops and made him responsible and accountable for her actions because he was married to her, Califorinia Law, Community State Property. He was responsible and accountable for her actions because they were married by Law. He did his amends in present time for her betrayal. The rest of his research, the OT Levels.

Then I got the other confirmation, his words, online, he said "I don't need sex" lol He was old. She refused to give him a divorce. She wanted his money.

My father, no drug history or out 2d history. Didn't even drink alcohol. He was overt, direct and honest in his communication.

My father loved music. He often communicated how he felt even when he couldn't say the right words. He was a masculine man all the way. He didn't cry, but he was in pain. He was a really good man with a really good heart and soul, who didn't deserve what happened to him. He was the kind of man who would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. He was generous and kind. Nobody got my father, they couldn't understand him, because of his accent. He was often misunderstood, judged and ridiculed because he was an immigrant. He didn't conform and convert to what the white guys in power assumed all immigrants should be like. He didn't belong here and I'm glad I'll be seeing him on target 3 while everybody else like David Miscavige and Tom Cruise will burn for 1 billion years for their arrogance and betrayal along with all the other people that have abused their position of power and let everybody down including getting others killed.

Updated September 30, 2012

When I was little in 3rd grade, in Ohio. I was being bullied in school, by two girls, one a black girl and one a white girl. I told the teacher, she was black. By the time I got home, my father was waiting for me. He told me, if I ever backed down from a fight, he would personally kick my ass. My father hatted me. To you this would seem violent, oh no. But in reality, he hatted me as a kid. My father never hit me, or abused me. In my entire life, there were 2 incidents. 1 spanking, actually partial, he went to do it but then backed off and the time at the tennis court. That was it. I was only 8 years old. Learn to defend yourself girls, stop trying to rely on others including the school system, they are just people with no tools to help you other than psych drugs.

The two girls eventually backed off and they did get what was coming in the end, not physical violence but humiliation, embarrassment. That was it. Reality. My dad really was the commodore. In ohio, he reached out to CCHR, my mother and her meltdown. Oh no, something else OSA didn't know LMAO

My Dad

My Grand Dad, my father's father

My mother and father before I was born

Updated Sunday, October 28, 2012

My father would sing this song as well as others.

Updated Friday, November 23, 2012

So, while crossing the wall of fire, I got my father's last comm towards my mother LMAO in the theta universe, Udka, you killed us and her response ha ha or hee hee. He's done with her, and so am I. Universe, she's all yours LMAO. Target 3 here I come LMAO Miscavige, you'll never have my father's comm lines, ever. You have Tom Cruise, a shallow self absorbed actor LMAO you can have his comm lines LMAO but not my Dad's LMAO Buyah!!!!! Security Implants, agreements of trust, no trust broken,no betrayal. Integrity, not compromised. Code of Honor in.

Updated July 22, 2013

So, I went to Rupert Murdoch and Sumner Redstone because I knew they weren't nazi's and OT3 they both served with my father, the Commodore. Alot of you will know my father next life on target 3. You'll never see him coming, when you least expect it, he'll just be there and save your life on the battlefield.

Everybody's question that I kept hearing over and over and over again was, they could never figure out how he becomes or became the Commordore, they just know he is LMAO.

So when my dad was dying in a psych hospital, I got his mental image picutres, he was pissed, betrayal both me and my mother. I had nightmares for weeks. I didn't understand, what was going on. Just that he wanted to kill us, come back and kill us, but at the same time, he didn't, he wanted to talk and see me. He wanted to hug me. And I wanted to see him too, hug him. My mother never let him see me at the airport, she lied to him, he asked her to bring me and she agreed. She told him I was busy trick or treating, it was halloween night. That wasn't true. She never told me, I never got a chance to say goodbye. She separated us on purpose, she didn't want him to make a scene at the airport and change his mind. She wanted him on that plane. My father and me were very close. I loved my father and he loved me. I don't regret something I was too young to understand and know, nor do I regret my life or my journeys, how else would I have figured it out? I wouldn't have. Real fleet, you'll get comm when you die.

Updated February 8, 2014

My father also did a Christian journey too. The Church On The Way, it was down the street from where we lived, 6861 Hazeltine Ave, Our neighbors were part of that church. After that we went down to the Hungarian Catholic Church in Los Angeles. My father loved religion, was searching for something more, after I found Scientology, I hoped he would find it too. He was already dead before I found Scientology. Good to know that he's the real Commodore of the Fleet, OT3 and on target 3 The Jewish Federation, he'll be the Commodore again.


Updated July 5, 2014 - there is no country stamp on this postcard, that is the only communication I ever got and she handed it to me. - see the country stamp from Germany. Friends I met there, pen pals. - back of the envelope from my pen pal, from Germany. - letter from my pen pal from Germany.

I believe she killed my father here on USA soil and dumped his body, somewhere. Where, I don't know and then made up a story/stories. There is no statue of Limitations on murder.


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