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My Story by Kathy Gold

Meltdowns Within The Church Of Scientology

After Lisa Mcpherson died, Per Marty, David Miscavige changed the rules and nobody that was going into a type 3 meltdown could come into the church for help.

They didn't want any lawsuits. No accountability or responsibility.

Prior to this John Travolta had one in CC Int in 1991, I was right there as he walked in to CC Int lobby, from the front door. I entered from the Cantina.

Tom Cruise has had more than one, at Flag when he was doing OT3 in 1990, I was working for a company called Health Med, I had to get the vitamins for him because he couldn't sleep, then later up at Int, it's on Marty's Blog. He and his new wife Katie Holmes went up there. After he was ok, he bought her a new car, oh goodie lol.

Here's a picture with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes with David Miscavige, Tom has a private villa up at Int mangement base, just for him, built by David Miscavige.

Gina St. John, started having one in 1998 in the CC Int Restaurant, after I was talking to her.

Lisa Mcpherson died in 1995. What happened to me, happened in August, September of 1998.

So they pick and choose who will be serviced, based on status, money, position etc etc. They are now a psych hospital and not a church. Churchs are non profit organizations and do not favor one parishoner over the other based on anything, including status, wealth etc etc. There is no favortism in religion.

They are practicing psychiatry without a license. That's against the law.

There's also another video tape of a Sea Org member, who was locked up on the Freewinds, not allowed to leave and video taped committing suicide.

I don't think that person gave his permission to be video taped either.

There are cameras in the church itself now. Some are hidden that's not normal and violates the Auditor's Code. #22. I promise never to use the secrets of a preclear divulged in session for punishment or personal gain.

It can be used against the Pre Clear to blackmail them into submission by the church, their staff or other people, other parishoners etc etc.

Present time and past life transgressions, both.

What's to stop people from posting on youtube? Nothing, free speech. Who's gonna stop these guys? Nobody. Who are you gonna sue? The police won't do anything, they are busy, fighting crime, to them, it's not that big of a deal, not their problem. I wouldn't go into a Church of Scientology to give up my past life transgressions, lol I would just write it up, using my ethics book and then burn it lol. No blackmail by anybody ever lol.

Scientologists would say, out security. It is, but he broke in, it's not their fault some asshole did this, it's these guys that are doing this, this behavior, it's not normal ok. So while these assholes continue fucking with a church, the rest of the normal people will do it themselves, in their own homes and cross the wall of fire and leave. We're done. Let these assholes clean up Planet Earth, it's their mess not ours lol

So nobody is gonna do anything ok, that's the most fuckin funny thing about this. The FBI knows, they don't care. They assume somebody else will deal with it, they've got bigger fish to fry. So, we move forward to Target 3, leave these people behind. They are out exchange with the Tax Payers. They can have their pensions but they sold their soul for money. Oh well. The FBI is out of present time ok, they assume the church has infiltrated them ok lol. Can you say, wake the fuck up lol. yeah.

There was another press release put out, where the FBI said, we're done with the investigation. They also got pissed off at Amy Scobee, they told her to zip it lol and she went to the press. Amy's side, she got tired of waiting, no communication lol

If there is one, there is more. Jett's experiment called Scientology failed lol He didn't fail lol The group, the management team that took over after his death failed. Oh well, not my problem lol. We go first, highest ethical and moral standards lol Best of best elite. I'll honor my Sea Org contract on Target 3 lol It won't be so hard, I'll be the Commodore's daughter lol Fools there won't be a sea org lol but there will be a fleet lol Dumbasses lol or the Navy lol. US Federation.

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