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Making a Wrong A Right

That would be RPEC - Repairing Past Ethics Conditions. Or Stepping up to the plate and taking responsiblity and accountability for transgressions in present time or overts. Something Lisa Mcpherson was never given a chance to do because she died.

It's a policy in the OEC Vol 0, every staff member has read it in the Sea Org. It's something you usually do, meaning apply as part of an ethics handling, stuck attention on.

I'm not here to make a wrong thing right. I never did anything wrong. I already took responsibility to help mankind, by going for the holy scriptures on my ACLU journey. It's not about getting a product, it's just about doing the right thing.

I was the victim.Not one of these people that have come forward to talk about what they did and didn't do while being part of the Sea Org, members of the church, etc etc have taken any responsiblity and accountability for what occurred in 1998, their involvement of a crime. It's against the law to do to people what occurred to me in 1998. In my religion it's called out KSW, Keeping Scientology Working. Doing amends or stepping up to the plate is part of our relligion, this is what is taught to all parishoners. Yet nobody applies the teachings. They just act like it never occurred.

It's weird, it's wrong but they still do it. David Miscavige is the leader of this group. Even he doesn't take responsiblity or accountability for his involvement.

Did the founder himself do the same thing to people, when they reached out for help in his church? I don't think so, if he did, he wouldn't have lived as long as he lived lol.

So if this happened to you and the people within the church refuse to apply RPEC and step up to the plate to take responsiblity and accountability for their actions, take a journey, continue to apply your ethics book, our bible, not give up your religion and continue on with your spiritual journey, your spiritual freedom.

I already assigned them lower conditions. That's all you have to do and walk away, leave without giving up your faith, your religion.

They are no different than the status quo. While they continue going down that dwindling spiral as well as Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder, we move forward to target 3. I'm not part of Marty Rathbun's or Mike Rinder's group nor the indy field. I'm just a Scientologist. Next life I won't be a Scientologist lol.

I've secured my position, title and station for next life lol. Who will be his son? lol It won't be Jett ewww ok lol.I'll know when I get there lol. I'm hoping it's tupac lol

He was built for this shit lol. Kick ass and take names. He's the black mozart and beethoven lol Look at his body of work, he never stopped producing, even in jail. He inspired me, his music. He had no choice but do art after all the shit he was put through in his life. He had no alternatives. He was discriminated against because he was black and the family he was born into. His mother made change, the food in public schools, was because of her, her fight.

He was also running out his religious implants in his music and videos lol

I thought about him, how could he come into my church, he would be out qualed because of his gang affiliation, but he would have needed this the most. He was smart, not a fool, he had money but because of his gang shit, he would be out qualed, so how can he make it, he's part of mankind?

Me and Jett were friends with him in a galaxy far far away. He was a good guy.

He was in my heart and soul when I was crossing the wall of fire. OT3 Those bullets btw in Las Vegas, didn't kill him, he got up and was ready to go, he was exterior to his body, he just didn't know it.

In present time, when my father had a meltdown, not type 3, he just got mad, pissed off at my mother, because she cut him off of sex for many years, We lived in a one bedroom apartment, they slept in the living room. I had the bedroom. Since leaving Ohio and landing here in California, I don't think they had sex at all. No create on the 2d is an out 2d. She was lying to him, spinning him, and he knew it. She was probably cheating on him. I really don't know. As soon as he was gone, she start fucking men, left and right. I was only 14 years old.

So his meltdown, anger, he got pissed off, and went out of present time, she jacked his TA, never gave him any release, no comm, left him wondering all the time. I remember, when we were at the beach and I was standing by the water, she came to me while he was sitting on the blanket, we used to do that alot, as a family, on Sundays. She told me, for us to survive, he had to go. I was really young and didn't really get what she meant, I was like ok. She was plotting and scheming his demise then too. It took many, many years for him to get like this. She set him up to fail. She killed him.

He never went out 2d on her, his only release, food. He didn't drink alcohol nor do drugs, he was drug free. He drank milk ok and smoked cigarettes, he wasn't happy, he felt lost, out of place. I could see the pain in his eyes. His heart was so full of love but she just made him feel like he wasn't a man. She never loved him, she just used him to get here. She got pregnant with me to get him, keep him. She had two abortions, one before me and one after me. He wanted more children. She didn't. Her solution to starting over, is basically kill off everybody connected to her by DNA, that way everybody will believe her, her lies.

She wasn't a virgin when they met. No, she gave that up to another guy in Hungary. And he cheated on her, so she says lol I have a feeling she lied to my dad. She got pregnant to get married.

She just tells everybody he was crazy, it's an acceptable truth. Fine, she's fucked lol.

What she did there, was third party my father to me or talk shit behind his back. A mother is not suppose to divide and separate her child from their father. Normal, loving people don't do that. 1.1. women do. She is 1.1. covert hostility.

If your parents, folks by DNA are like my mother, do not apply way to happiness. Nope, common sense, or ethics book, disconnect permanently. Otherwise, they will kill you in present time to hide their lies and betrayals.

He said, to both me and my mother, you're not my wife and you're not my kid. I didn't know what was going on, I didn't really understand.

Just that we had to leave the house, he threatened to kill both of us. I 8-Ced my mother out of the home and into her car, I had to direct her, guide her to a phonebooth, so she could call for help. Her friend Arla was a white woman that was married to a black man, had 5 children with.

They were divorced and one of her daughters lived in Inglewood and the other in Carson. So we headed out to her home in Carson. I bonded with Brandy. They told everybody I was their cousin. It felt really great and I felt like I was part of a family. I was enrolled in school down there. The girls made sure, nobody fucked with me.

They had my back. Later, when they came up to the valley, I had their back. Made sure nobody fucked with them. .

One of the girls was dating the head guy of the crips and the other, the bloods. I met both of them. They were both cool to me, no 2d flows, nothing weird, just mellow guys. Not even angry. lol.

I don't think we belong in middle class heaven, here on planet earth, target 1, I think we all belong out there, among the stars lol. In a nice big ole starship lol Why should we come back to a dying planet, when we did nothing wrong? Exactly, we're not, we're moving forward to target 3. We don't need to help the indy field grow, it's gonna go away. Secure your homes, your shit and do it yourself, 1st Amendment, freedom to practice your religion in your home.

I'm starbuck, I'll see you guys over there.

Updated July 14, 2013

Me, Brandy and her little sister at the beach, 1981

Me and Brandy at the beach, 1981

Me, Brandy and her little sister at the beach, 1981

Me and Brandy at the beach, 1981


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