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My Story by Kathy Gold

Looking for a Job

Any job really, entry level, for min wage. In California the min wage is $8.00 an hour. Can't pay my rent, food, gas etc etc, the basics for me to survive. See A Little Bit About Me And My Finances

To pay for my survival, I need to work: a minimum of 55 hours a week.

At 40 hours a week, after taxes, it's only $272.35 x 4 = 1089.40 as you can see, If I sell no art, like last month, I'll won't be able to get ahead, meaning pay my debts, oh well lol. It's not that big of a deal, they already got paid off by our government.

The problem I'm faced with is, most of these employers will only have you work 15-25 hours a week, they want a flexible schedule and for me as an employee they will only hire you under their policy. It's their way or the highway. The people in human resources that I have spoken to don't care about your problem and don't really want to talk or hear your side of the story. They only care about assessment tests. They don't care if you are a good worker, they want robots and only go by their company policy and procedures.

So how do people get multiple part times jobs to handle their survival when the managers or the people hiring them won't allow it? How does a person solve this problem?

So far I've applied at:

Walmart - I took an assessment test online, The test was stupid ok. I went into Walmart yesterday and spoke with the human resources chick, young girl maybe 20 years old or so, there were 6 people, young kids outside her office doing Welcome to Walmart introductions, after being hired.

She told me, the results of my assessment test, I fell in the middle and there were 200 applicants in front of me. Try back in 60 days lol. I told her, I had a deadline, 30 days. She didn't care.

Target - Spoke to the human resources person, they are currently not hiring.

Costco - Currently not hiring. I went to another Costco and walked into the store, talked to the guy at the door. He told me, you have to apply online and then wait 90 days, 3 months. He said the wait period was for background checks. You have to wait 90 days until the background checks have cleared. Keep trying, eventually, you will get in. I think the minimum they pay is $11.00 an hour for 15-25 hours a week.

Ralphs - Walked into a Ralphs and spoke to a girl, she told me, you have to go online and take a test. You have to get 82% correct, so just tell them what they want to hear, a people pleaser. I asked her about pay and hours and she said, min wage and about 20-25 hours a week. She said, after you pass the test, they will tell you, they have no openings, so keep trying and eventually, they'll say yes.

MacDonalds - Put in an application, they never called me so I followed up with her. They told me if I passed their assessment test, I would hear back in 48 hours, meaning come in for an interview. 6/7/2012
I spoke to the manager and she said that if you don't pass their assessment test, you have to wait 6 months and try again. She didn't really care lol She sounded busy. She said she would do interviews maybe next week lol. Did I pass their assessment test lol I have no idea, she was not really focused on talking to me. Ok. Thank God, there is more than one MacDonalds lol

Carls Jr- I spoke to the manager, he told me he's swamped with applications and there were 20 people ahead of me. He gave me an estimate for a job interview, about 2 weeks.

So, If I can't turn it around because of other people, oh well lol not my problem. I have cause over my exteriorization. Notice, not one person from the Scientology Community came out to help me. The rest of society is the same.

So, I have one option left, take myself out of the game, it won't be hard, most of the police are on psych drugs, lol out of present time, restim city. I won't mind taking a few with me, while they go to hell, infused and en-tombed into this rock, I'm outta here lol. No make wrong, just doing the right thing.

I'll just be the last to go lol Everybody else will get left behind. Like I said, God, has a big ole sense of humor, why should I suffer in silence. Freedom of Speech. I refuse to convert, conform to the norm, victims suffering in silence, trying to do right.

And the psychs in the psych hospital in 2008, they gave me great advice, express my feelings lol Is it against the law to express my feelings? I think not lol

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