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My Story by Kathy Gold

Crossing The Wall Of Fire

There is no cookie cutter solution, you'll have to read to figure out the best solution for you.

Good luck and may the force be with you.

A tip, a clue, a hint, stay uptone, don't go down tone, everybody else will want to make sense of your case, of your past lives, who the fuck are they, exactly, nobody. They are not you, they haven't walked in your shoes in this life or your past lives and will never get you on any level lol.

They will make you go into the conservative band mode, seriousness, solid, serious, then crash and burn and if you have overts aka transgressions in present time, death for sure. Get it, lol. Out smart them all and win lol.

Updated June 8, 2013

To actually cross it, like me, you better do it in your early 40's or you're fucked LMAO Anything after, you probably won't make it.

LRH crossed the wall of fire in his early 40's too, he just slowed it down. He decided to be rational. I wasn't here to marry. So he settled for MSH. She never crossed the wall of fire.

He went on to have a life, he wasn't very happy, hence all the words, books, research, figuring everything out. He got bored. So I suggest you cross as soon as you can, the younger the better.

My best advice, tip, clue, hint. Anytime after, try while you're dying LMAO. Remember you only have one shot to get it right, otherwise, spin city, no control. And no cause over your exteriorization. Total effect, so to hedge your bets, I suggest you pray to God LMAO. Only you, know yourself better than anyone else.

Nikki's gonna try to beat the system ok, so, he can try LMAO built in safeguards LMAO You'll never know if he succeeded, he'll be dead LMAO and dead people don't talk LMAO.

Btw, my dad was psych ops crew too LMAO it's built in, naturally, normally LMAO. He loved doing work for the mob LMAO his fav I'm my father's daugher LMAO He hated pedafiles too LMAO and enjoyed his work, job.

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